ZOO - 沙漠的動物園展

2013.4.27 - 2013.5.26

動物被賦予了象徵性含義,代表了人類或某一民族的某種個性、某種精神。 幾個世紀以來 ,非洲以野生動物品種及數量繁多而聞名。部落雕刻以羚羊、變色龍、犀鳥、鬣狗、雞、鱷魚、豹、穿山甲等.為主。這 種根據某種動物的形象特點或生存方式而對其進行的人性化解釋源遠流長,可以追溯至人類社會的早期,是圖騰文化的一種表現形式。
部落動物形象也都有具體的象徵意義,例如: 犀鳥代表著預言與智慧 / 變色龍象徵瞬息多變 / 蜘蛛是知識的象徵 / 水牛同等於巨大的力氣 / 兩棲動物代表著傑出人物 / 鱷魚是執法者的化身 / 大象表示長壽、陽剛和王室的力量 / 魚象徵著和平和土地肥沃 / 鮎魚與豹代表王權。
在非洲藝術作品裡,這些動物雕像中有一部分可看作是人物雕像的補充、修正或用來表現人們的某種特殊期待。 在廣大的非洲大陸,不少的部落相信.他們與動物有著密不可分的關係。

『 Desert of the ZOO 』 Theme Works Special Exhibition

The animal was given a symbolic meaning, representing a human or a national of a certain personality, a certain spirit.
Over a few centuries, Africa is been of a great variety with the wildlife species and the amount and be known for.
The tribe carves with the chameleon、 hornbills、 hyena、 chicken、 crocodile、leopard、 pangolin、 warthog, etc. ..
This image features or way of life of an animal and its humane interpretation of a long history, dating back to the early days of human society, is a manifestation of the totem culture.

The tribal animal images also have specific symbolism, such as:
The hornbill represents prediction and intelligence/The chameleon symbol to change in a very short moment and more/ the spider is the symbol of knowledge /buffalo equivalent to the huge effort / The amphibians represents of the outstanding figures /
The crocodile is the incarnation/ The elephant indicates longevity, sun just with the strength of the royal power/ Megi and leopard to represent monarchy/ The fish symbolizes peace and rich soil.

These animals statue, in part as a statue supplement, amend or used to represent the people of a particular look forward to in the works of African art.
In large African Continent, many tribes believe they have an inseparable relation with animal.

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