『 THE KING'S POSTURE - 王者之姿 騎士展 』

2014.12.6 -2015. 1.3 



非洲大陸充滿了民族,社會,文明,每一個獨特的視覺文化,經常被誘發現代派繪畫和雕塑非洲美學元素。現代派藝術家被非洲雕塑吸引,因為它的成熟架構與不和諧的色調和人物形象的扭曲,這些誇張甚至變形的部落作品往往能夠觸發人們的心靈本質, 自世紀之交時,高更,畢卡索,馬諦斯,布朗庫西,莫迪里安尼...等藝術大師,都受到非洲部落藝術的啟發與影響。

畢卡索(Pablo Picasso,1881-1973)的非洲時期 ,歷時1906年至1909年,畢卡索興趣將目光投向非洲的藝術作品為他的作品激發靈感,而這個興趣是看到馬諦斯(Henri Matisse, 1869-1954)收藏的非洲丹族面具所產生的。因此當時正值時期畢卡索畫中,可以強烈感受作品風格受到非洲雕塑影響 ,特別是傳統的非洲面具。


因此希望透過 “ 1 + 1 面具主題展 “,將不同的部族與角色面具做混搭性的組合,產生出另一種視覺的體驗。

『 1 + 1 - Exhibition Of Masks 』
2015.1.10(Sat.) - 2.3(Tue.)

In the dim moonlight, hurried drumbeats, they are masqueraders in the firebrands.
Mask is the image of its owner, it usually have a role in the feature or familial expectations. In social life, masks, is a symbol, mask represents a secret society protected. People ask society to do a favor, when faced with danger, such as fire, drought, war, disease, etc. .., societies exercise power in the village; In the festival, such as the planting, the festival about harvesting, or an important occasion, people will arrange a masquerade or prayer ceremony. To praise the God of protection, people pray to God , so that they get a sense of security. In addition, It is not only to express the concept of good and evil, but also interpret myths.

Africa is full of ethnic, social and culture, every unique visual culture, It often evoked modernist painting and aesthetic elements of African sculpture. Modernist artists were attracted by African sculpture, because of its maturity structure and discordant color tones and twisted characters, These tribal works which are exaggerated and even deformation, can touch people's heart, since the turn of the century, Gauguin, Picasso, Matisse, Brancusi, Modigliani and other artists ... have inspired and influenced by African tribal art.

Picasso (Pablo Picasso, 1881-1973) African period, which lasted from 1906 to 1909, Picasso would look towards African artworks as inspiration for some of his work; his interest was sparked by Henri Matisse (1869-1954) who showed him a mask from the Dan people of Africa. So the period when Pablo Picasso painted in a style which was strongly influenced by African sculpture and particularly traditional African masks .

Africa, more than one hundred tribes, there are various mask, such as Cameroon Duala- animal figure with colors, take some simple colors and lines to add to fun of mask; Gabon Fang- face is heart-shaped, broad forehead bulging, broad nose and white figure with white clay has a peace of symbol; And they emulate nature animal, such as buffalo, owls, chameleons, sheep ... etc, even animals deformation creates guardian beast , it’s also very unique.

So we hope through the “1 +1 Exhibition of masks” Mix different tribal masks with role masks to make a different kind of visual experience.

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