『 S T A T I C – 靜 止 間 』 L O B I 個 展

2014.1.18 - 3.02

在德國新表現主義藝術家 George Baselitz身上,遇見了靜止間的LOBI....

藝術家 格奧爾格‧巴賽利茲 是德國新表現主義的先驅者,他的畫作中有大量顛倒的人物、 風景和建築物,刻意忽略現實世界,狂野的畫面和凌亂的筆觸表現出強烈的情感。從他一系列粗曠巨大的木刻雕像中可以看出他的靈感源於部落藝術,尤其是來自布吉納法索的Lobi族雕像。





The spirit of Lobi is seen in the creations of George Baselitz...

George Baselitz emerged as the pioneer of German Neo-Expressionism and was later recognized for his "upside-down" paintings, in which bodies, landscapes, and buildings are inverted within the picture plane, ignoring the realities of physical word. The wild appearance and disordered stroke expresses strong feelings. We can see the inspiration of tribal art from his a series of monumental and rough wooden statues.

The simple facial features, postures of sculptures and unadorned textures are the characteristic of tribal art. As Pablo Picasso, he collected lots of African tribal artworks. "The basic pattern remains unchanged," he writes, therefore he pursued the direct emotion expression. He discarded constraint, combined the stimulus of tribal art and self-intuition to create strong visual sense artworks.

Expressing artists subjective ideas, using exaggerated and deformed techniques and stressing dynamic vitality are the Expressionism artist's creation skills. Expressionism stresses on personal feelings to the world instead of formal depiction. Expressionist use chaotic, ugly and distorted color and form to replace order, aesthetics and balance in their works. By destroying the stable and safe things to represents the fear and distort of reality which attract the viewer by emotions and mind.

Lobi Figures are the enigmatic, brooding sculpture that protect the Lobi people of Burkina Faso, like a timeless sentinels. Lobi people have special perspective on human body, each of these figures displays different gestures or poses, some of them may have two or even three heads, some female figures carry an infant under one arm. These unique features represent the particular talent or power of the spiritual being that they embody. A figure with two heads is twice as quick to recognize threat and to deal with it. A figure with an infant has the power to bring fertility to the women of the family. A figure holding one arm up blocks the entrance of malevolent power to their home.

The Y-shaped figure with raised arms is the most representative. The simple forms, pointed entire modeling and the stiff looks are full of modernism. Instead, this static visual expresses the unpredictable movement. Such creations are tranquil and elegant, undoubtedly, it is more impressive.

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