『 LEGA 部落精靈 - Lega 個展 』

2015.8.08 - 10.10 

LEGA ( Bwami )藝術作品往往與諺語有關,而這些諺語與舞蹈,詩歌和歌曲一起為社會成員帶來智慧。
Lega 作品童趣樸拙的造型,相較於其它部落作品風格,例如: 多貢族的抽象、包勒族的華麗、喀麥隆的權力....等等,Lega作品較精巧且帶有可愛療癒的幽默感。

第二種面具叫做Lukwakongo,是一種戴在手臂上的面具,和上述配戴在臉上的面具有相同的特徵,只是它特別小,也具有識別證的功用,象徵他們在Bwami會社的等級地位。 另外有一種特別形式的象牙面具叫做Lukungu,是專門給部落裡地位最高者(Kindi)配戴。

Lega的小雕像很少超過35公分高,大部分用木頭或象牙雕刻而成。 它們有喚起記憶的功能,在一定的範圍內幫助記憶先人流傳下來的故事和諺語描述的事物,例如許多頭部組成的小雕像,是用來喚起獵大象的獵人在看見獵物的同時能夠及時呼喚同伴的幫忙的能力。 誇張高舉手臂的人像代表演出仲裁者的角色,許多的動物雕像也是使用木頭或是象牙雕刻,如青蛙、狗或蛇的造型 和Bwami會社裡的階級相對應,此外以象牙雕刻擁有尖下巴的人頭像也在Lega族的鄰居Zimba族中發現,這些稀有的象牙人頭像只有階級最高者才能夠擁有。

可愛的造型令人感到深刻的趣味和精緻 ,對於LEGA作品,最珍貴之處在於它的形體美和美德是永遠分不開的。

『 TRIBAL ELF - Lega Solo Exhibition 』
8.08(Sat.) - 10.10((Sat.)

The Bwami works of art are often associated with proverbs, and these proverbs in conjunction with dance, poetry and song give wisdom to members of the society. Beauty, knowledge and power are intertwined.

Two major types of mask figure in Lega:
The first is a face mask which typically has a heart-shaped face with globular coffee-bean eyes, a linear nose and a diminutive mouth usually located in a pointed chin. White pigments are applied to the mask. The second, called Lukwakongo, is a mask worn on the arm, but it shares the same characteristics as the face masks, except it is smaller and also having a function for identification to indicate his or her rank within the Bwami society.

Lega statuettes are rarely taller than 35cm and were carved principally out of wood and ivory. They had a mnemonic function insofar as they assisted in the telling of ancestor or in the depiction of proverbs. For example, a statuette with several heads would be used in ceremonies to evoke the elephant hunter who sees the animal in front of him while, at the same time, he calls for help behind him. A figure with a raised arm indicates a man acting as a judge.

Numerous zoomorphic figures, carved either in wood or ivory, in the shape of frogs, dogs or snakes, are related to every grade of the Bwami society. Finally, ivory heads displaying a pointed chin are found among the Lega as well as their neighbour, the Zimba. These are used only the highest Bwami grade.

Lega sculpture conveys Bwami culture ethical, social and political values.
Lovely shape makes people feel a deep interesting . For Lega works, the most valuable is that its physical beauty and virtue are forever inseparable.

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