EXCHANGE - "屬於我們的交換"計劃成果展

2015.11.07 - 11.28 

EXCHANGE - "屬於我們的交換"計劃特展,感謝所有的參與者,共交換了16件作品,很高興大家喜歡這個特別企劃,彼此都獲得"收集感"的滿足 。

從這次的交換過程中,參與者透過不同的形式交換,例如:自訂的創作主題、或是製作需求的衣架,還有以錄像作品交換等....,可以發現有趣的是交換本身的精神並非用貨幣價值來衡量,而是可以用不同的形式,感受那無形的內在價值所附加的認同、尊重及情感,回到純樸的物物交換。經濟學家亞當•斯密(Adam Smith, 1723-1790) 曾指出,"在沒有貨幣之前,人們會利用七隻雞交換一頭羊,或者用一袋穀物交換一雙涼鞋。"


因為喜歡才會有心中的價值產生 . 如果沒喜歡就算是再昂貴的也僅存於擁有者本身 ...。

小巴廊 致力推廣部落藝術,透過這個"年度的交換企劃"讓更多人認識部落藝術,很開心將這些部落作品交換到喜愛它們的主人手中,融入他們生活,帶給他們一點點不一樣的啟發與感受。

『 EXCHANGE - Exhibition of Project Achievements 』

2015.11.07(Sat.) - 11.25(Sat.)

Thanks for every participants, we're glad you like this Special Program.

Exhibition of achievements hopes to show different visual experience. From this exchange process, the participants exchanged tribal artworks through various forms,
For example: customized creative themes, making needs of clothes rack and video work for exchange etc..., you can find interesting thing is that spirit of exchange is not only used to measure money value, but it can be used in different forms, feeling that intangible the value of intrinsic with recognition, respect and emotional to return the primitive barter.Adam Smith(1723-1790) argued, people would trade seven chickens for a goat, or a bag of grain for a pair of sandals.

In Exhibition of EXCHANGE, for 44gallery, exchange is looking for the goods we like. With visual match as foremost ,the exhibition will match exchanged works and tribal art works to show another possible of vision. The goods has value on itself because we like this goods, If we didn't like this goods, no matter how expensive it is, the value just on its owner...

44gallery dedicates to tribal art, we are glad that there are more people who know tribal art because of this "BARTER PROJECT", and these tribal artworks could be exchanged to the people who really love it. Hope these tribal artworks can make their life a little different feeling and inspiration.

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